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One of our lovely chums was asking when we were going to record our friend Sandra Sparks' song "Old Newcastle Town". The answer is: we already did! Just because we love you all ---not to mention the fact that Pete has a bit of a thing for the lovely chum in question --- here's a bunch of FREE STUFF for you to download at your whim, covering material from the last decade-plus of
Three Quarter Ale!

Three Quarter Ale Theme and Two Magicians, Live at the North Georgia Celtic Festival, 2003

Only You in Mind, Harold
Only You in Mind, Alex
Only U in Mind, Whatsyername
, a trio of songs written for two friends and whoever else was listening, 2004

Invasion, in honor of the Rogues and Wenches, 2005

Anne Boleyn, Live at Dragon*Con, 2007

Pirate Annie's Chest and The Black Spot, from the web-only "Booty Music" album, recorded for PiratePalooza 2007

Old Newcastle Town, recorded in an empty Shakespeare Tavern, 2011

Christmas, What a Grand Holiday, Live at the New American Shakespeare Tavern, 2012

You'd be surprised how often we get asked where these went on the website (they were originally posted in 2006)!

Intertwined (instrumental feature)
Intertwined (a cappella)
Old Orange Flute
Three Drunken Maidens

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